Haywards Heath & District U3A



Philosophy within HHU3A is growing from strength to strength. We now have a Main Group meeting at the Presentation Hall in New England Road on the third Wednesday of the month, one other smaller group which meets at members' houses on the second Monday of the month and a third group which meets on the second Thursday of each month.


The subject, to say the least, is fascinating and is not conveyed at our meetings in a stiff, nor academic format in a high brow tone, but in a readily accessible, informative and interesting manner which evokes interesting questions and a closer appreciation as to what this wonderful subject conveys in our everyday lives. Come along and join in an what I know will be for you a unique experience.


If you are interested in philosophy, you are welcome to join us. Please contact David Waite on 01444 453954, Diana Cawdery on 01444 484560 or Paul Black on paul@sg15.com.




Meetings held: Monthly on the third Wednesday of each month; 10.00am to 12.00noon


Venue:  Presentation Hall, New England Road, Haywards Heath.


Leader: David Waite 01444 453954


Convener:  Diana Cawdery 01444 484560


We are a small active Group who look at this wonderful subject from a pro-active and practical perspective and far removed from an academic approach.


Please let us know if you are interested in joining – we are not ‘highbrow’ in fact the very opposite – we look at the subject from a wide ranging outlook and see how it connects with our everyday lives which in fact it does, in so many ways.





Meetings held: Monthly on the second Monday of each month; 7.30pm to 9.30pm


Venue:  Private house.


Leader: Derrick Grover. Email: phi@travoto.com


Currently looking at videos of Professor Sandel on the philosophy of Justice – What is the right thing to do?  Together with topics suggested by members.




Meetings held: Monthly on the second Thursday of each month; 2.00pm to 4.00pm, until 11th April 2019


From May 2019 onwards meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday, still at 2.00pm


There will also be an additional  monthly  informal  discussion meeting every third Thursday afternoon at 2.30pm  in the Bent Arms, Lindfield, in a reserved space.


Venue:  Upper meeting room , Methodist Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath.


Leader: Paul Black . Email: paul@sg15.com


Convener:  David Stevens Email: djstevens@fastmail.co.uk


Many of the members of this Philosophy 3 are new to the subject, although some do have previous experience; so we have a diverse

membership of people with similar interest not dependant on any prior knowledge or experience of Philosophy.


If you are interested in either philosophy or its history do come along and join in what will be for you a unique and genuinely interesting

experience with others sharing the same interest and enthusiasm.