Haywards Heath & District U3A

People no longer in full time employment have a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience.  U3A encourages lifelong learning by using those skills.


Haywards Heath U3A was established in 1991. In our U3A there are over 1000 members over 80+ Groups. Members learn through sharing their collective knowledge.  Our group leaders are all members of Haywards Heath U3A.   



Anyone in the Third Age can join U3A. Enquiries about membership and annual subscriptions (£14.00 per annum) should be addressed to the Membership Secretary - Michelle Burdis. See contact details in the Annual Programme or here.  

If you join after February 1st the subscription is £7.00 for the period until subscriptions are renewed in August.


If you pay income tax, it would be much appreciated if you could gift aid your subscription.


For a membership application form, see the Contact Us page.




All members receive a newsletter in Spring, Summer & Autumn containing information on forthcoming events, news of different groups, dates of Open Meetings, Coffee Mornings, Study Days and Summer Schools.




Individual members can be notified of news items between Open Meetings and Newsletters by registering their email address with our Newsletter Editor, Wendy Gundry at newsletter@haywardsheathu3a.org.uk




These are held for all members every three months in Clair Hall at 2.00pm until 4.00pm and are advertised in our Newsletter. Sometimes there is an outside speaker on a topic of general interest, and at other meetings we may have several members talking about a special topic or on a particular theme. Forthcoming dates can be seen here.




Quarterly meetings are held in the Function Suite, Clair Hall at 9.45am for Group Leaders and Convenors. Forthcoming dates can be seen here.




- Members who have paid their subscriptions are welcome to join as many groups that have vacancies as they wish.  In August each year an Enrolment Afternoon is held, and in addition to being able to enrol or re-enrol, representatives from all Groups are available to discuss their activities and programmes for the coming year.

- To enrol in a group please telephone the group leader or convenor.

- If you join a group that meets in a Hall, you will be asked to contribute 35p per hour per session, for each meeting held during the year.

- Some group leaders appreciate knowing if members are unable to attend meetings – please inform the Convenor.

- If you decide to leave a group please let the convenor know as this allows your place to be filled by someone else.

- If a group is full, a waiting list may be held and people on this will be informed when there is a vacancy for them; vacancies may also be advertised in the Newsletter or on this website. New groups will be formed where there is a demand.

- If a member is interested in starting a new group, please contact the Groups’ Coordinator.

- All groups meet during the daytime and a register is kept of all those present at each meeting.

- In case of an emergency please carry your membership card and a contact number with you to meetings.




Coffee mornings for members are arranged during the year at the Methodist Church in Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath. These are open to all members and different groups take it in turns to host these and use the opportunity to tell people about their activities. Forthcoming dates can be seen here. The coffee mornings start at 10.00am and finish at 11.30am.





These are listed together with their contact details on the Members page.