Haywards Heath & District U3A



Meetings held: Monthly on the second Tuesday of each month; 2.30pm to 4.00pm.


Convenor: Sheila Micklem Contact: sheilamicklem938@btinternet.com


Venue: Various private houses.


The programme of discussion topics is arranged following a planning meeting at which individual members select a topic. He/she then introduces the subject before it is thrown open to the group.


As the group meets in private houses we are restricted to ten but we do hold a waiting list and endeavour to invite those on the list when we have absentees.





Meetings held: Monthly on the third Tuesday of each month; 2.00pm to 4.00pm.


Leaders: Pam & Chris Goring  Tel: 01444-400868  Email: chris.goring@btinternet.com


Convenor: Alison Stevenson


Venue: Private House,  Lindfield.


Varied subjects are suggested by members and agreed in advance. Different people lead the discussion at each meeting and everyone takes part. The group is limited to 9 people.





Meetings held: Meetings held monthly on the third Tuesday of each month (except this January it will be the 26th) from 2.30pm until 4.00pm.


Convenor: Tony & Pam Howard.  01444-474 83

Venue: Various private houses of Group members


Topics discussed:  we have agreed a list of topics for the first half of 2016. Members take it in turns to introduce the topic, and everyone takes part in the ensuing discussion.             

We have as many members as our accommodation will allow at present, but will be happy to have a 'waiting list' if people would like to contact us.