Haywards Heath & District U3A




Meetings held: Various days


Venue: Various locations


Co-ordinator: Peter Lawless  01444-484134 email: peter@lawless.myzen.co.uk


This group now has over 120 members. Like the original Exploring London Group, we organise visits to places of interest in London. We travel together by public transport (train and bus) and some visits involve a fair amount of walking. Some of the places we visit are free, some charge an entry fee and sometimes we pay for a guided tour. Most trips/visits are limited to 15-25 members. The group is friendly and the outings are very enjoyable. So far the committee has organised one trip each month but we hope that other members of the group will also undertake to organise trips.





To those members who missed a particular trip in the past, and would like to have another opportunity to visit,  please let one of the organisers above know so that we can try to put these on again in the future.


If any of you would like to organise a visit please let one of the other organisers above know.  We can provide support with preparation and organisation, and also on the day.




· COSTS OF TRIPS are correct at time of printing, but are always subject to change.


· EMAIL BOOKINGS:  When booking a visit by email,  visit leaders will acknowledge receipt of your application  as soon as possible.   If you haven’t received a reply within a reasonable period,  please call your group leader to ensure your email has not gone astray.

· CANCELLATIONS:  We do understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, and we do our best to find replacements from a reserve list.  Please notify the organiser promptly if you find you are unable to come, as failure to do so may mean we are unable to refund any money you have paid.


Photo of Exploring London Group 2 at the side of the Thames from the summer, 2017,  taken by Gordon Davies