Haywards Heath & District U3A

Beginners’ Lace making


Course Leader:  Margaret Burgess


Convenor:   Janet France     01444-413159     janetasussex@gmail.com


Venue: Fortnightly for 2 hours (10.00 - 12.00) on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the Presentation Church Hall, off New England Road, Haywards Heath.

This venue provides good airy light space, and a kitchen, so group members can make hot drinks.


Making lace in all its forms is a craft (and can be an art) which has been practised in many parts of the world, using different techniques and materials,  since ancient times.  It has a particularly strong connection to Europe.


This course is an introduction to bobbin lace making, as practised in England over the past 300+ years. The Convenor and Leader/Tutor are experienced practitioners, each with over 40 years of lace making under their belts.


The sessions introduce students to Torchon lace techniques, and students will be moved on, at their own pace, to different patterns to suit them - resulting in being able to make simple items initially, such as bookmarks, but moving on to more complicated patterns as confidence grows, but always at the learner’s own pace.


On arrival, students will be provided with a loan pack of equipment  - a pillow with cover cloth, 12 pairs of bobbins, pins, and a bobbin holder:   initially, threads will also be provided. As a student progresses, and wishes to purchase their own equipment, relevant information and advice will be given.


There is currently space for up to 4 more people in this group,  and new students can be started on their lace-making journey at any time.